A number of factors have come together requiring a pause in our regular weekly service.  Over the past 8 years, the numbers of homeless people, their needs, and the alternative services now available, make it appropriate for us to have a pause and reflect on what is our best course for the future.  In addition, we are no longer able to use the parking lot behind the Capital Six (Empire) theatre for setup.  We have gone from a very small operation to one where we may see 75 people looking for our services, and a large group of volunteers, at this one location alone. We have greatly appreciated the cooperation of the theatre management (who provided us with space inside to store some of our carts), and Robbins parking (who initially provided us with a free parking pass). The large crowd we attract, and some of the problems a few of them bring, has meant that we have outgrown what this space can provide without having an impact on the paying customers of the lot.  

Several of the original founders are in need of a break from the constant work that goes on behind the scenes.  It is expected that a general meeting of members and volunteers will be held at the end of August to reassess and consider how we can adapt to the situation at that time.