As CARTS we recognize the need for affordable housing, and the difference housing can make in the life of someone who has been on the street.  Over the years things have improved here in Victoria, and every week we see those who used to be in and out of shelters, doorways, or living in the park.  Now many of them have found basic housing, and the difference is often quite amazing.

Our friends at Citizens for Public Justice have created an infographic to illustrate the need for housing in Canada.

This illustrates the need for 'justice' as well as 'mercy' in working with people trapped in poverty.  Our country needs a few prophets who will speak in the halls of power on behalf of those in need, as well as those who will dig deep into their own pockets and endeavor to provide more of the necessities of life for them.



04/09/2013 12:40

hi how are you
im in port alberni now
i have been living here
since 2010
i have moved out of vt and some one is living there wow

04/09/2013 17:41

Hi Sylvia! It's great to hear from you. Glad you are doing well, and thanks for finding us. We still keep busy, going out every week.


08/16/2014 21:56

That infographic is now a Dead link.

08/16/2014 22:18

Btw, I'm homeless right now & showed up here from out of province to escape a very miserable depressing social environment. I did the w.w.o.o.f thing for a couple weeks here but I'm kind of a failure at a lot of jobs it seems (Iv'e had quite a few) but I'm not doing too bad sleeping in the park right now, although I find that I'm spending most of my time preparing for what could go wrong instead actually enjoying the coastal climate. I have persistent anxiety issues and a few other issues that make it pretty hard for me to get ahead but I take chances so at least I'm not being a coward. The reason I'm sending this is because I stumbled apon this on a google search and I don't know this town or it's people and I figure I should try to get connected to some resources in case anything bad happens even though it may remain alright I don't know. Sorry for the long post. I blame it in on the Tim Horton's coffee... :p

08/17/2014 07:59

Hi Chris, I'm glad you found our website. By all means come and find us on a Sunday afternoon - - 4:30 at Queen's Manor on Douglas & Queen's, or 5:30 in Centennial Square. Please introduce yourself so else you found us! Next Sunday (August 24) we are having a BBQ at Queen's Manor from 4:00 PM.

There are lots of food resources around Victoria, but housing is still less than adequate and rather expensive. I hope you are able to make the connections necessary to find something that works for you. Hope to meet you soon!


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